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Ledgend Energy is an acquisition focused junior light oil company. The company is headquartered in Calgary Canada and is currently seeking equity placement to begin operations.

The Ledgend Story

Ledgend intends to focus on quality acquisition and development strategies predicated on sound geological techniques supported by top notch engineering technical expertise. “Any reservoir that contains hydrocarbons is only as good as the rock is”. The experienced and successful geologist believes in one fact: the relationship between porosity and permeability found in reservoir rock are key to reserve identification and quality therefore, shareholder value.

About Us

A company that is predicated on sound geological technical expertise enhanced with expert engineering.


Ledgend Energy Corp. is a “geotechnical” private junior light oil acquisition and development company focused on high reserve life index reserves. The Company is seeking to secure private equity capital consistent with placements related to a full build-out scenario’s involving $100-200 million with anticipated organic growth to 15,000-20,000 BOE/D within 5-7 years. The Company is both flexible with respect to its equity design model. Interested capital partners are encouraged to contact Ledgend through the confidential Contact Us tab.

What People Have Said

“Over the last 20 years I have worked with Mr. Rutledge on many wells. Having provided evaluation and directional services for him at both companies he worked for, and the companies he started. Mr. Rutledge has experienced profound success with the bit as his Geotechnical ability is based on an innate ability to discover economic hydrocarbons through drilling. He develops assets based on the rock and true natural reservoir characteristics versus initial production rate alone. I have been an investor in his companies and experienced very excellent returns. Over the last few years we have spent many hours discussing the changing landscape of the Alberta resource industry. Much of the discussion is centered on how using sound geological and operational practices can improve efficiencies and provide a sustainable return on invested capital. Using today’s technologies such as horizontal well construction and multistage fracs only when the rock and play requires it will provide a much better return with less capital and operational risk. Having managed operations throughout Canada, the US and Latin America I am convinced that sustainable resource development hinges on the rock. The understanding the rock is a skill that is diminishing over time. Mr. Rutledge has the track record of finding and developing hydrocarbons based on sound technical knowledge.” To Continued Success! – M. P. Carter

“It was a great privilege to work under Mr. Rutledge’s leadership at Ledge Resources Ltd. and Knowledge Energy Inc. The Companies under his direction commenced with zero production, grew in tremendous increments during a short period of time. One of the major highlights I recall were the multipule New Pool Discovery’s the Company found and developed West of Rimbey. I look forward to working with Mr. Rutledge in the near future.” – G. Sanders

“In July 2002, I was introduced to Mr. Rutledge by mutual friends. I had been aware of his passion for the oil and gas industry in particular his ability as a geologist who could truly “find” oil and gas. He used this ability to start and successfully run two junior oil companies. As an important team member when Ledge Resources Ltd. was born in 2002 we began the process of prospecting and land help grow the company. Within two years, we combined our efforts to and engaged to successfully construct 45 different farm in agreements and the production grew from zero to 1500+ barrels of oil equivalent in that time when a “pure” organic model was a popular methodology to initiate a company. Mr. Rutledge continued to prove his undeniable strengths by his ability to review the geology and prospects, in turn, make quick and effective decisions on all opportunities generated by the company. Upon Ledge Resources being successfully transacted yielding to shareholders a return of 500+% Mr. Rutledge pursued further opportunities with prior shareholders successfully founding and initiating Knowledge Energy Inc. Consistent with the current environment acquisitions are the flavor of the day this, combined with an organic growth strategy is well suited for Mr. Rutledge’s skills for the beginning of his third company Ledgend Energy Corp. In my thirty years of being in this industry I have not seen a better geologist and would recommend his expertise to any financial institution or individual who want an extraordinary rate of return on their investment.” – Gerry Talbot, Land Negotiator

Ledgend is seeking

Expressions of interest from sources of private equity such that the company can achieve capital structuring. Taking steps to identify, evaluate and develop an “add-on” yet to be exploited development plan – Ledgend management presents said project(s) to PE presenting a strategic plan that require sizable capital inputs ranging from $100-200 million with a plan of growth to 15,000-20,000 BOD/D in 5-7 years. Interested PE groups wishing to see our self generated projects are encouraged to reach out by way of “Contact Us” tab which is secure and confidential.

What we do

Acquire Exploit Enhance organic growth Crystallize Value – this within the private junior space of the Alberta oil & gas industry.

What is Ledgend doing at this time

Seeking capital partner relationships by way of presenting full build-out scenarios to the PE space and execute its strategy as a Junior light oil production company in Alberta. The Company continues to technically evaluate and identify suitable acquisition assets which fit the Company’s growth expectations well suited to its skill set and experience. The Alberta oil and gas industry continues to be relatively dynamic providing various opportunities, albeit with short time lines, for the Company which possess both quality and scale.

How we do it

200 cumulative years of experience the Ledgend management team with a polished track record of performance from initiation, growth & exit whereby it can truly stand behind the statement: “We have been there and done that – with integrity”.

Why we do it

Ledgend’s founding principal is “passion” – possessing a passion for doing the right thing for the right reasons in a responsible manner towards the ultimate achievement of superior shareholder value.

How long will this process take

Upon initiation of operations, capitalization to crystallization Ledgend intends to fulfill its mandated strategy of building a quality company by way of asset acquisition and development via the drill bit. A 15,000 -20,000 boe/d company in 5-7 years.


  • Ledgend is a geotechnically focussed light oil acquisition and development company
  • An experienced team with management possessing a proven track record of building a grass roots light oil production company from initiation to sale in 5-7 years with the intension to build a 15,000 – 20,000 boe/d company.
  • Timing of capital and initial acquisitions is critical and access to capital throughout the growth of the company is imperative.
  • Capital partners with past experience and desire to participate in private equity funding is paramount.
  • The management team is committed to the acquisition and strategic development from drilling to production of quality assets that will command premium valuation and looks forward to working with its capital partners towards the achievement of this common goal – Handsome Return on Capital.

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Ledgend Energy Corp.

1720 407 2nd Street SW Calgary, Alberta. T2P 2Y3

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