Corporate Profile

With Ledgends’ talented and focussed team from predecessor companies (Ledge Recourses Ltd. & KnowLedge Energy Inc.) 200 years of cumulative technical experience will execute its strategy focussed on safe and efficient operations & capital appreciation. Predicated upon sound and experienced geological principals the opportunities generated will be consistent with successful strategies deployed in prior successful companies combined with new technical engineering advancements.

Operational Style

  • Corporate activity is strategically focused in the development of conventional reserves within the Deep Basin of the Alberta which characteristically yield high netbacks and top quartile valuations further enhanced with the Company’s ability to achieve and maintain operating efficiencies – all in areas of management expertise and prior success.
  • A company that is aggressive in its acquisition activity coupled with focused geotechnical expertise building a conventional resource based light oil company – a company initiated by way of consolidation followed by an aggressive and organic development exploitation program.
  • Initial transactions are anticipated to involve target corporate acquisitions with tangible upside to be immediately capitalized and developed – these transactions yield to the shareholders capital and technical de-risking as well as providing the Company with immediate scale & leverage.
  • Focus will be dedicated to strict geographical genetically related assets that compliments management expertise – locating, acquiring and exploiting of high quality oil production and reserves which command top quartile valuation.

Areas of Ledgend Interest

  • Corporate Expertise resides within the Deep Basin (W5/W6) of Alberta with specific focus on light oil and liquid rich formations such as: Peace River Group/Montney/Spirit River. Full build-out projects have been identified and are being pursued.
  • Areas of Ledgend Interest


  • Management with prior success and expertise with a proven track record from initiation to sale.
  • Corporate advantages: A streamlined, experienced team with specific efficiencies in the acquisition and exploiting of quality assets combined with the effective execution of drilling, completion, tie-in through to production.

Management Track Record of Value Creation


Ledge Resources Ltd.

  • Private company sold in 2005.
  • Delivered a four year total return to shareholders of 523%.

KnowledgeEnergyKnowLedge Energy Inc.

  • Private company 2009.
  • Delivered a total return to shareholders of 750% in 3 years.